Slight changes

I’m having trouble being productive today so instead I’ll write something so I can tick off something from my “to do” list so I feel like I’m making progress. So I will talk a little about some of the things I have been doing. First and I think most excitedly I have finished my receipt tracking system between myself and housemates. The code is available for anyone to muck about with however it is not adaptable to other people’s requirements at the moment. I think I will go back and make the system a little more robust over time so maybe someone else can use it but for now I feel like I have to move on to focus on some other ideas. I feel I want to learn more and most of what I have been doing with the receipt tracker is polish. While this is important I really need other challenges to learn other skills.tracker

So the next thing I want to do a little of is do some ad-hoc data insights. I don’t imagine to come across any amazing ideas that no one has though of before or anything but I do what to get more familiar with the tools and look at speeding up my methods of data extraction, transformation and visualisation. Part of my idea is to actually get involved with some of the data and community on and see what I can do.Crime by Population Clustering

Lastly I really want to do some more tutorial videos in SQL however I have found little appropriate time to do so. Unfortunately it’s not just a matter of an idea and time it is also finding times when there is no noise happening in the background. My video production skills are not well honed (and yet not the worst I have seen) however I have just changed video production suite so hopefully I will be able to produce some higher quality work soon but possibly with some new mistakes too.

We will see how this new plan goes.


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