New year…17

Hello all again.

Insert apologies here about infrequency of posts and now let’s move on.

So since the last time I wrote, I have completed my degree at long last and much to my own elation. So now I’m going to try to enter the work force good and proper. I am really hoping to get into SQL Development or analyst role, of course they never really tell you if your degree is enough for a role and experience reigns king in the real world.

What I am wanting to work toward is data analytics and with the help of the latest generation of modelling systems and computer learning algorithms I may just be able to get there. I understand that the road is long and further education is necessary but it is always good to aspire. To help me work toward this goal I am currently undertaking a self paced course on visualising data using excel and have been working though some of the tools in the SciKitLearn python package.

Another activity I have been attempting to do is create some videos to help people get started in SQL. I am using the SQLite dialect because it is so easy to get started with and there are so many good tools to get it working. I remember when I got started in working with SQL and I was mostly taught what the functions and commands were but not necessarily why I would want to use them and how to identify their effects. I want to create a short series which will show off some of these beginner traps as well as refresh myself on these subjects.

The other thing I have been up to is doing some programming with PHP. I now have better understanding than before how and why you would use it. I have often found the best way to start learning something it to do a project with it. So I have caught the automation bug and found a modern slight inconvenience which has probably been solved before and make my own solution. So myself and house mates share some bills together and divide them amongst us. Thus I have made a system that keeps a running total of who owes whom money at any time and the ability to pay off the bills as necessary. The wonderful thing about this project is that I have already finished it, I still need to make sure that other people could adapt the code if someone else in the world would like it (this seems highly unlikely). Currently the project works the way I need it and so I’m happy thus far.

The next thing I am up to aside from submitting an extraordinary amount of resumes is perhaps doing something in C# as it appears to be a common language being used for dashboards as well as integration with other enterprise software. The only idea I have at the moment for C# is perhaps something that keeps track of all of the resumes I am submitting. The only special feature I can think of to make for this is to add the ability to create PDF documents or similar as needed.

So that is what I’m currently up to still learning still making content.


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