Human Error

Apologies for not writing for considerable time, I have had some health issues and needed some time to recover.

So what have I been up to?

Firstly I am still working on the Filmophile project and am currently getting a few more manufacturer film development times for the database. While I have been doing this manually which is a slow and ill advised prospect this is possibly the only way to get this information legitimately and not stealing it from another source. While I have considered on more than one occasion building an automated system to pull these numbers into the database I would have to build a system for almost every different manufacturer I want times for. This would be wonderful programming practise but ineffective for the number of times we are working with. Currently the database has 1162 unique entries and I will come to the end of the set of times that I have been able to download.

The last thing I will mention on this is it is complicated to understand if these time are legal for me to distribute. My general feeling is even though I am significantly modifying how these times are used the purpose has not changed so it is likely I am not able to redistribute these times without seeking approval from the authors. I find this area of copyright interesting as it all seems very grey, it must be difficult for copyright agencies to work in this realm and give firm advise when these sorts of issues come up.

Other projects I have been up to is working with another person I know at uni to work on a system that incorporates the Brisbane public transport system with google maps. The hope is to create a system which is better for visualising the transport network and give you verbose information on how to navigate the network. For me the project is quite challenging as it is working with technologies that I have very little familiarity with. It has been fantastic at pointing out what I do and don’t know and is a fantastic challenge. I will talk more about this project as there is more substance to it and hopefully some hosting happening.

Lastly I have got back into the darkroom. I am a huge fan of analogue photography and have collected enough equipment over time to have a darkroom. However only recently I was able to get some space together to leave the equipment set up which make it a lot easier to work with. I have had a huge amount of fun working in the darkroom to produce some pictures which are entirely analogue. Ill leave you a sample at the bottom of the post. Be aware that i only took a photo of a photo which is probably the worst way to show off what I have done however you may find it interesting to see.

Hoping to get back into writing more regularly.lagoon


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