Back to the binary mines

So anyone who follows this blog will notice it’s very patchy as to when I write. The short answer is I’m very busy, currently I am in full time work, doing uni over a summer semester and attempting to learn more about databases in my spare time. All this tells me is that I need to sit down and focus on the weekends.

My current coding project has been put by the way side but I still want to complete it even if it never meets my original goals. Something I have found amusing is that I opened up my code after a three month break (way too long I know) and I can still read it. I attribute this fact to how many comments I write. I use PyCharm as my IDE for my current project and it enforces PEP8 which I strangely find a nice feature. Who knew that having a program constantly nag you to write comments and leave spaces would be helpful. So my code is littered with descriptions of what things do, that in conjunction of learning how to do object oriented programming a little better (I’m still terrible) means I am spending a lot less time tracking down variables and what classes and sub classes do.

My future plans for this program are to open source it and use it as a base to rebuild it again but with an online form. Part of my degree has been web design and cloud computing, because of this I want to get a better handle on NoSQL databases as I feel I will have to work with these systems at some point. While the type of data I’m using isn’t really suited to a NoSQL database I still think it will be worthwhile to learn these systems above and beyond reading about them.

While working on this program it amazes me how many programs you were once able to download and install are now online apps. While this is not inherently a bad thing and it certainly allows me to not install cruft onto my machine, I have to admit I get annoyed now with having to create an account or deal with slow loading times and advertisements. I understand there is a huge gap between the type of stuff I’m doing and commercial products and the complexity of their work must be commended. But I do feel a little sad for the days where I could use a program locally and natively on my system. I think a large part of this is to do with the fact. But I do feel a little sad for the days where I could use a program locally and natively on my system. I think a large part of this is to do with the fact that running apps online is platform independent and now we are running so many platforms this can be a huge advantage. But for my quaint little project that is essentially a learning experience I have to say I’m having fun with making a windows only program.


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