High Workload

As mentioned I have been very busy with Uni, One thing that I have found is that I have no time for video games at all. This is not the worst thing, I probably played too many games anyway. However I have a slightly different perspective on my life at the moment. This perspective comes from a place where I have almost no free time, this is quite sad however is a choice I made and felt that I may be able to handle such a thing.

I have worked full time before and lived the time constraints that puts on you, however that usually has the advantage that when you finish work you no longer need to worry about it. With Uni you can never stop, there is always something that you can be doing, something to review or re-write. Learning is a long and slow process for me but it is also rewarding, learning is a lot easier when you are doing something that you enjoy rather than something that you are forced to do.

What gets me though learning some of the things that I dislike is having an end goal in sight. I theoretically am in the last twelve months of my degree and I want it so bad so I can close a chapter on my life. The desire to finish my degree outweighs how much I don’t care about C# or Java or Microsoft Access. That lets me sit down and study for sometime, while not the most effective method it means that I can get though subjects that I need to pass my course however do not like in the slightest.

Speaking about learning stuff, in the last week I have completed an assignment in Visual studio. While I found this a very complete solution for building a website you are able to very simply call info from a database or save it. Handle internal logic using C# instead of PHP or having to install anything else onto a server. While you shouldn’t expect to see my personal website transitioned into C# any time soon there would defiantly be advantage to it.

Another of my courses is COMMS1000 I chose this because I like analysing text and it may give me a chance to brush up on my English. Sadly I am regretting it, I am finding it a very pedantic course where the definitions of ordinary words like “Stereotype” are over analysed. I understand why this is a necessity but it is frustrating trying to limit your tool set of analysis to metonymy, paradigm, myth, stereotype and symbols. While you must start at the start when analysis it feels a little constricting to limit ones self in this way.

Lastly I have been doing a lot with group work, as every Uni student knows group work is rarely good. There are many reasons for this; personality clash, different expectations, the guy who always asks questions instead of doing work, the list goes on. While your lecturers will talk at length about how to resolve there are three basic strategies. One try to become friends and leverage that against work. Second try to create a new enemy (the assignment) to work against. Third get angry, tell on them using your tutors. The last is the last resort but unfortunately it works. The problem is most of the times when you are doing a group assignment it is so you get some industry experience in working as a group, the problem is the power dynamic is completely different with the real world. In a real job you will have to do tasks in a group where someone has more power, more resources and ability to requisition where other members do not. This is a huge difference that education has not found a way to emulate.

So that has been my week in a nutshell. Hopefully next week will be less stressful.


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