New Learning

In the last few weeks I have been learning a lot and fast. Firstly I have got basic functionality working in the filmophile project that I have mentioned before. Programming for me is very much dominated by the eighty twenty rule. It takes twenty percent of the time to do eighty percent of the work required, the remaining twenty percent will take eighty percent of the time to do. So while I have got some really good basic functionality happening it will take a considerable amount of work to make the program feel finished.

A new problem encountered with this project is that I now want a complete UX overhaul. My project is being built in python 3.4 with Tkinter as it’s GUI framework. Tkinter is very good at allowing you to quickly prototype a UI for your project and for the most part it works well. Tkinter is a well-established and refined framework it often lends itself to designs that were popular in the mid 2000’s. To cure this I think I will ask one of the people working with me this term on the group project at university to look at the project and advise me.

Other things that I have been learning about is 3D printers, there is a lot to learn. The first thing to know about any 3D printer is they are fun. The second thing to know is that you can build practical things with them but you may have to bend your mind a little to realise it. Unfortunately when you first start looking at 3D printers you probably would have seen some amazing works of art and inspiring bits of engineering but you must remember it takes time to perfect printing. While it is very easy to get started with a printer and get something useful out of it, getting a super smooth great looking print will have some learning curve to it.

I hope soon to have a very solid grasp of how to make a clean print in many filaments and hopefully a very good understanding of the mechanics and maintenance of 3D printers. There are many elements that go together to get a printer working. From the model to slicing it, heated beds and extruder temp plus more, there are a lot of elements that need to work together and understanding them well only comes with experience.

All of this learning takes time and while I am most defiantly enjoying it I fell that I need to dedicate one day a week to nothing. Willpower is a finite resource according to Scott Adams and giving myself a day off can make getting all of my uni work done that little bit easier. While I have less time to do the work in, focus is easier when you feel well rested.

I will have some pictures of the projects coming next week when I feel that I have refined my ideas a little more.


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