Holiday week 2

So it’s toward the end of week two of my holiday, what have I done. The short is not as much as I would like and yet more than I intended. In the first week I had some visitors to catch up with, this was very fun and involved leaving the house which I found novel. Last weekend I went camping with an old friend on his family’s property which is something I have not done in years. While not considered productive it was a well earned break and good to catch up with some people I have not seen in quite a while.

But since I have returned home I have had to check on university enrolments and making sure my course is on track. Meeting with an academic advisor is something I would recommend to anyone who has any insecurities about their course. For me I wanted to make sure that my selections would count toward my degree, I received helpful advice about how I was over complicating matters. My University has a couple of “free electives” which don’t have to be related to my field of study. This is something I didn’t know, the advisor was surprised at some of the peculiar choices I had made and suggested some more diverse subjects for my last year. This has greatly lowered my stress in course selections and I am now on the hunt for a photography related subject.

The second time consuming task I have given myself is working on the Filmophile project that I mentioned in last weeks blog. This is turning out to be a fun and challenging project while currently I have been having issues with what I want to do with the UI. This is a two sided problem as I don’t feel my UI design skills are particularly good and I am using Tkinter for the UI design which is notorious for looking pretty bland without considerable skill. Part of me would like to change the project to WX.widgets or QT but I have not used these before and would require a lot of work o do so from this point. So for the moment I think I will keep on working with Tkinter and see what I can make and only when I have a clear and solid understanding of what I can or cannot do will I look at moving across to another system.

A large part of the reason for creating this project is so I get some experience with creating and maintaining a database. The database in question will hold the information for the combinations of films and developers for Black and White film processing and the time it requires for the combination to give an optimal result. While I have already started this soon I think I will launch a google form asking for more times from users as I have so far been building this database from times I can find from the manufacturers websites. While this I feel is good from the perspective of getting one version of the truth many photographers have created their own methods that give particular results and I would like to include these if the photographers in question are willing to share.

To facilitate this I will create a google form and try to pre-empt all of the things I will need to know to successfully add these to my database. Unfortunately using this method I will still have to manually transfer this information to my database. This however does mean I can check and curate my database as entries come in.

This leads to the final item I have been thinking on is licensing and IP. The reason why I am asking users for their times and using those supplied by manufacturers is while there are some other repositories of times I am of the understanding the compilation of this kind of information would be a form publication and thus have its own copy write that is owned by the compiler. So building my own would be the simplest solution rather than trying to convert someone else’s work and seeking their permission. However once I get this information how should I licence the project as a whole, one part of me feels that the simplest solution is to use GPL v2.0 or MIT licence so everyone can use the code and modify it to their needs but this would mean that everyone would see my very amateur code and I would have to publicly host it somewhere. At the same time selecting a closed source licence seems against my plans of letting people use the project. Finally a small part of me would like it if I could make a nominal amount of money for the project even if that is just by donations. This comes from the perspective that I have already spent a lot of time on the project and while it is primarily it is a showcase of many of the things I have learnt while at uni part of me still feels that it is a measure of success or validation if someone was willing to donate money for my creation. Also I have no idea how to set this up or claim it on tax so maybe its better just to leave the whole thing free.

I will look into these issues and see what I come up with.


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