I am now officially on holidays, What does this mean? Well now I get to focus on some of my own personal projects, already I have in mind some things I would like to get done. Chances are that I won’t get any of these finished but it is fun to try.

USB Fight stick

Some time ago one of my courses got all of the students to buy a MAKEY MAKEY. It is an Arduino based project that allows you to make interesting human interface devices. Now that course is finished and I still have the device I am thinking that I should use it for a new project instead of collecting dust. As it is used for new and interesting ways to control a computer I thought I would take a step back and build the kind of input that you would find on an old fashioned arcade cabinet. The only justification I have for this project is that I have most of the parts already and I may use it on some of the fighting games that I got in the last steam sale.

Website update

Like any website updates are necessary especially since mine was never finished properly. To be fair it is not entirely my fault that my website is not up to date. There seems to be a change with the password that I was never told about and hence I cant get into the server to show the updates I have already done or anything new I wish to add. So step one is get that changed or reset then update to what has already been done and finally start on some new content which is in the works already.

Arduino timer

One of my hobbies is analogue photography and for a long while I have wanted a hand held timer which has programmed into it my favourite development cycles. This is not a very complicated project but does give me an excuse to work with the Arduino I bought myself several years ago and it is a slightly more complicated problem than how to make leds blink. The idea is that a film has an optimal development time which I can program in then I must stop the development using a mild acid followed by fixing the image which always has the same time. This way I could turn the timer on hit a start button and then it will buzz telling me how when to finish each stage.


So for some time I have been working on a python program that again is related to analogue photography. This is an extension on some of the things that I have learned from various uni courses, it will be a program that looks up the development time of film from a database then gives you different options that modify that time then it can be used similar to the before mentioned Arduino timer. If I am able to I would like to get the system working so that maybe you could upload your times from Filmophile to the Arduino but we will see about adding that later.


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