Today is Saturday, Here are my options for what I want or should do today;

Work on a UML group project, Probably the most important thing to do today. The whole project does not need to be finished for another two or so weeks and I do need the other team members to help it is best to get the project plotted out today. I don’t think this is a very hard task just I dislike working in isolation for the start of a group project. The advantage of getting the jump on my work colleagues is that I can define what I want to do and how I think it should be done. This can often win you kudos points later in the project.

Work on Design group project, ugggh, I have spent so much time on this already and it is annoying me so much already. No one else is working on it this weekend either, while I’m sure my group would appreciate me doing some work while they haven’t opening up the project files fills me with dread and soul crushing despair. Maybe ill leave that till Monday and have all my soul crushing despair on one day.

Review databases, why review a database when I can build one? Ok I have to review Hadoop processes and catch up on the lecture I missed due to another assignment needing to be done. This course is very boring! It is important but its not easy to review as I am given limited materials. Whenever I have a question in this course I am given a generic answer of look at the textbook. Not happy.

I could work on my own personal programming project, for some weeks I have been working on a film development database and sadly I have had little time to work on it. I probably shouldn’t even open up the project files as compared to uni it is a waste of time. But I thought of an all new and exciting way I can incorporate the use or my Arduino into the project. Like all tinkerers who bought and Arduino we are now trying to justify our purchase and actually use it for something!

This is the normal weekend for a third year in almost any technical course. Please note the exclusion of any social interaction.


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