So i’m trying to be less of a cynical bastard. Those of who who know me will now gasp in horror and decry impossible. It’s a mood, it happens every now and then, I think it is because that being cynical all the time is draining. I mean you cant always be right.

As much as I think it would be important to write an essay on why every profession needs a cynic and an oddball and someone who challenges trends and norms, for today lets do something light and fluffy, hence without further delay the things in IT I find amazing and good.

1. Free Software

Sure free software has always been a thing. In the old days people used to trade floppy disks at conferences and even before that you could get typed up programs produced from someone who manually transferred the instructions from their screen to the page, and now we complain when a download takes more than four minutes.

So there has always been sharing in computer science, academia and even in the business world if it gave them a competitive advantage. Now however we have licensing schemes specifically designed to ensure the rights of users programmers and the code base. But even more than that you can have a whole computer running on nothing but free and open source software. Yes it does depend on what you want to do but the idea is still pretty awesome.

2. PC Gaming isn’t dead

Ok I play more games then I should but some people play golf so there. I remember around 2008 with the Xbox 360 and PS3 in full swing many people said that PC gaming was dead. Full articles in various publications ran with the headline and entire forum boards filled with flame wars. Thankfully to this day PC Gaming is still a thing and as Triple A studios and projects may focus heavily on their console release, Indie studios are pumping out some of the most unique and interesting projects.

I often take a break from Uni work with a game, I find it helps me reset my mind ready for new tasks. I’m glad that you can get literally hundreds of hours of relaxing low stress game play quickly and easily for under $10. Now with digital distribution methods on consoles you can do much of the same thing however I would argue that part of this is reactionary to the changes that occurred first in the PC gaming sphere.

3. The world is a smaller place

You can under the right circumstances meet people from all over the world. Recently I have been talking to a guy in England. For those of you who have trouble remembering geography England is on the exact opposite side of the world to me here in Australia. The amazing thing is you can Skype chat with someone on the other side of the planet with relative ease. Sure computers are all about communication but the next time you talk to someone overseas though the internet or even via telephone just remember that wasn’t possible a hundred years ago. You can have real time conversation and everything works.

Not just conversation though communication opens up understanding bringing the world that much closer together. While I am still happy that earth is a culturally diverse place its nice to know you can explore it a little from your office chair.

So there you go some of the things that make me happy about the current state of IT. Fear not I will most likely be back to my grumpy self by next week.


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