job (frustration) hunting

Sorry about the slow release… blah blah blah, now on with the show.

Job hunting, I do not know a single person who enjoys this process. It is no small wonder that people who know people end up getting hired. This is not fair, and its not even the best option however it often feels better than wading though resumes and trying to figure out what is lies and what is true in one.

I am on the writing end of a resume currently and there are many things that I could say on the injustices of the entire process however none of it would be unsaid before. Even more I could say about the current job market expecting previous experience and on job training being something alien.

What I can and will write about is competitive nature in relation to the job hunting experience. I am not a competitive person. I am precise, concise (though you wouldn’t know it by reading), attentive and retentive person. Competition I feel can be counter-productive, but good luck getting anyone to believe you. Competition is almost as insidious as a buzz word, you are told competition is good without exception and this brings me back to job hunting.

Job hunting is by nature competitive, but this leads me to wonder what there is to help people who are good to get a job. The things I rely on are linkdin and handing out the resumes. And until someone can give me better information it seems like that is the limit of my options.

Incidentally if anyone is reading who needs a student to give a chance (for tax reasons or maybe ethical I don’t care) you know where to find me.


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