Day One

Day one of the holidays and I have already started on some of my projects (see I’m a good hard working Uni student). So first and foremost I’m going to be doing more work on my website, this means more python programming and ill have to add a page to do with JavaScript. The other page I want to update in the near future is my SQL Examples page. As much as I have an idea of the sorts of things I could show off as a tutorial, I still would like this to be an example of what can be done. This creates a bit of a problem for me as it is very difficult to show off SQL without a live interpreter. For this reason I think I will hold off on the SQL example page just a little longer so I can get a higher quality result out of it.

So with SQL out of the picture that leaves creative projects and the addition of a JavaScript page. I wish find an adequate method of demonstrating what my creative projects are and how to show them off. The sorts of projects I usually do for myself are either photography or writing. While these two things are somewhat easy to demonstrate some of the things I like to do but don’t get enough time to do include 3D modelling and electronics. Showing these off is a little more difficult which leads me to wonder about audience.

If your audience is technical then there is an expectation that they will understand what these projects are with little explanation. However my site has some tutorials and examples and thus there is the chance that people may be looking at my work as inspiration for theirs and thus may not have as knowledge about the concepts I am talking about. The short answer is there is no satisfactory way to appeal to both of these audiences so I think I will cater to the more technically adapt as the purpose of my site is to get me a job and not to write tutorials or examples for others.

I’ll keep fairly regular updates on how the project is going over the next few weeks as I am now officially on break from Uni.


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