New Projects

So now with my uni term coming to a close and the completion of the framework of my website I will have some “free time” coming up soon/ but with the job market the way it is and with constant nagging from friends and family to get a proper job some of this time is to be spent working on some grander life goals. So lets look at how we are going to get there.

Firstly and this is a fairly simple one I am going to create a Linkedin profile. The simple reasoning for this is that it has been suggested to be the better way to hunt for a job in specialised markets. Previously I have sued services like seek or direct application to acquire my job, under the advise of some of my university professors I will now create a profile. Why hadn’t I made one before? Simple its social networking. Now this is a rant for another blog so ill keep it brief, simply put I don’t want to have to spend a full times job worth of effort into my online presence to receive little reward. The reason I am creating a profile is because I want a job worth the time.

The next thing on my list to do is more on my personal website, there are two concerning pages on my site that say under construction. This is unacceptable while I was happy for it to launch in this state as partially I was expecting more problems with having the server working but mostly because I wanted it up before uni got busy. But in the coming weeks I would like to expand on the site particularly in the tutorials that are on there as I think that is one of the better features of the site.

And the third and most ambitious plan is to work on a medium scale programming project. So to make a long story short myself and a friend are getting close to the end of our degree. Neither of us have marks that would make an interviewer drool so we are going to do the next best thing. We want to produce a product that is genuinely useful. We think that having a real project that is currently in the wild may be more useful to show off than our marks for purely theoretical work that we have done.

Again this is an ambitious task as neither of us would call ourselves programmers we prefer to call ourselves code monkeys. So what we have is a short timespan (approx. 3 months), No budget, limited expertises and no financial incentive to keep the project going. So what are we buying with our time? Hopefully a reputation and a real life useful project to show off to an employer. While this seems a bit like madness and that is because it is, this feels like what is becoming more common in the job market. Being average and getting a job you love feels like it is not possible any more, there seems to be always someone better than you doing what you want to do so you must do something, anything to differentiate you from your competition.


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