Are We Done Yet?

When is a website finished? Never is my answer. Even in my very simple example of an almost entirely static personal website, its being launched in an incomplete state. So your first response may be once all of my content is done then my web page is done. Unfortunately web technologies change and thus some of the parts I rely on may either change or break.

One example is Bootstrap and Jquery, while I do not expect this to be a problem in the immediate future there is a remote possibility that either of these will change and thus I may need to re-write. A more practical concern is what if the web browsers change? Now we all know that web pages even from years ago still seem to work on a modern web browser they may not always look right even if we have define what html version we are using. Browser engines do change a little over time and while I am confident in saying that that you would still be able to view the site however it may be in a very broken and only display the text correctly.

So we have updates for content and updates for major changes in web browsers. But we not only have the technological changes to consider many elements of the site are relating to my own personal history and employment details or what I’m currently up to with a creative project. As these change so will my static website that is why it is a good idea to put into action a bit of a plan. Mine is young fresh and current in my mind as I have been working on all of this but I have a general plan for anyone who has a personal website as a guideline.

Firstly whenever you meet someone like a web developer or specialist in your field of work show them your website. When you ask them what do you think if they pause for more than 2 seconds before giving you an answer your site probably has issues and you need further prodding to understand why. Never get friends or family members to critique your work unless they are a web developer. I am lucky in the fact that my mother has worked on more than one website and has no issue telling me that my site themes contrast is too low or that my margins are uneven when going between content frames. You may not have access to this kind of advise readily at hand you may need to seek some out.

The final rule is if it has been five years or more consider a whole re-write, websites are a lot like fashion, it changes. Having an old looking website particularly if like me you are using it to help you with a job will make you look lazy. In fact a bad website may be worse than no website as you are relying on someone to go out ff their way to look at something and if it’s disappointing can leave a worse impression than if you never listed it at all.

So just like everything in life your website is never finished. But you may wish to look at changing the style or information when your reminder email about refreshing your domain name comes around.


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