Anyone who looks at the time stamps on the blogs will notice that way too much time has passed between this post and the last, this is for two major reasons. Firstly not a lot has happened with the website development in this time. At last tool all of the major pages had been written and the design and layout was completed. The things that were not competed are either still not completed but have had more written about them or are dependent to the underlying system or how the server is to be set up and thus still has not been thought of.

This is sort of an excuse but at the same time is an accurate reflection of what has been happening. So ill fill you in on some of the milestones that have happened is the months past. Firstly the server space has been allocated for me but I still need the login details to the server to upload to. The domain name has been bought and my fantastic friend has got the server talking to the domain name so if you have questions about that process I am sorry I cannot help you.

Like just about every website not everything is completed to satisfaction but as I wish to look at some jobs and I would like employers to be able to see what I have crated. I am proud of how the website looks and even though there is still some under construction I would prefer those be there rather than some rushed tutorials or programming.

While what I really would like would be to have a live interpreter for SQL and python on the site from my current understanding this is very very difficult for my very simple purposes. Due to me being uncertain about what the limitations of the web server are I decided to go with a fully static implementation. One problem with this implementation is how to do a contact page? I would suggest you check out brace.io; while there are more services like this the process was simple and effective. While this system relies on a third party and there is always the chance of someone building a web crawler to try to lift your email address. The beauty of the system is it’s simplicity and this way you can have a static site and still have a contact system. The caveat is I would recommend you either create a new email address for the service or an alias linked with your regular address.

So to anyone looking at building off something free like Amazon S3 I would highly suggest you look into one of these systems. Unless you require a PHP back end or some level of database integration I would suggest working on a static design first and then look at extending it later. If you are looking at the Amazon option be aware that S3 is for static sites only.

As my final note as the project is coming to an end this blog will change a little and become about my other projects. Thus so I keep interested in writing the blog more fun and comical things that I write. I would still like to discuss the technical aspects of projects however they may be slightly different in nature.


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