So i have the basics of how things are going to look settled for the moment and thus the phase I have been working on this week is content. My writing skills as you can assume from reading this blog are not the best, but I still am not willing to have someone else write the content for me as i feel this will detract from the intimacy of the website. also as this is a showcase of my professional ability not my ability to outsource work.

So whats the hold up, firstly pictures. I want pictures on my website but some of the things I want to take pictures of are very far away and thus I feel that I will just have to write paragraphs that do not reference pictures  but are still enhanced by their usage. Secondly another large part of the website is technical demonstration of some of the things I can do with programming. I have a few examples in mind but I am not set on them, these examples are mostly recycled from Uni projects. While there is nothing strictly wrong with this I feel that I would be happier with something a little more useful in the real world.

I think the solution moving forward is to simply get as much content written at the moment and get a feel for the flow of the website and then get some user feedback. Luckily being a uni student gets me some friends that have an idea of what they are talking about. This i feel will be helpful as these are people who use the internet a lot and know a good website when they see one.

That is all for the small update for the moment, more details as soon as they arrive.


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