What I have been doing for the last few days is experimentation with different navigation methods. Sadly the old-fashioned tried and proven methods seem the most effective for my site, while this doesn’t surprise me every now and then I would suggest that you re-visit navigation systems and see if there is anything new to add. My favorite of the less usual navigation systems are radial menu’s and while it was fun dreaming up ways I could build and implement one in the end the standard menu bar with drop downs was the clear winner.

Navigation menu

Early implementation of Navigation system for website.

Here you can see what i have come up with and if  you think its boring you would be correct however what is useful with this boring navigation system is that it is unlikely that anyone will get lost on the website because of it. Those of you who have practiced web design with bootstrap before will quickly identify that this is a very standard inverse navbar from the standard bootstrap3 package. one of the advantages of this is that it was quick to make after i had spent a lot of time playing with radial menus, but also everything is easily accessible from any other element. meaning that people who visit wont have to spend a lot of time trying to figure out how they got from one page to another. While this system works well for such a small site i did momentarily consider adding in what is called breadcrumbs a directory structure that shows where you are and the path you took to get there. they look something like;


it is a simple way of demonstrating paths and by making each a hyperlink you can easily go back to any stage you want. i decided against this as there are not enough pages on my site to warrant such a system. while they don’t really hurt any website to have it did break up the flow of the page a little and thus I decided to remove it. On the subject of visual elements much of my design while it has been established is not fixed as I want the project to show my creativity as much as possible and thus I will continue to tweak with the look for the rest of the project. that being said the black and white contrast that you see in the picture above I feel will stay as this seems to fit with both this blog and all other associated media I have created.

The next task I am working on is the content creation, while I have much of what I want to say already written i still wish to add some pictures of some of the things I have either made or collected over the years thus this fact will slow things down a little. I intend to continue blogging in this time with more web design ideas that might be interesting.

and on that note, till next time.


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