Any project needs plans no matter how simple or complex. I am a strong believer of something called the 80 – 20 rule, simply put for any task you can get 80% of the work done in 20% of the time. Conversely it will take 80% of the time to finish the remaining 20%.  where you can use this knowledge to help you is that this logic can also be applied to modifications thus every time you modify something in a design it will take 80% longer than if you just planned for it initially. Thus the big questions I’m currently hunting for the best solutions are


While i thing it would be a lot of fun to set up my own server from the ransom hardware i have around here (or even buy something like a Raspberry Pi ). security and downtime can then become a problem, while i expect the site will have low volume i really don’t want some of the security concerns that come with hosting your own web server. There are many inexpensive web hosting options out there so I’m just going to sit down and read though a couple.

Domain name

Again due to low volume i feel it is best to stick away from expensive options like having more than one domain name or a .com. Here in Australia we have some fairly cheap options for domain names such as the this designation is designed for personal websites, there are many names free and it is cheaper than most other designations. As I plan to build essentially an in depth resume my name should suffice as the domain name.

What will be on the site?

This is the largest and most complex part of building the site, generally I would say that it is important to have this considered and mostly final before you have to worry about domain names and hosting. while i have a general idea of what I like the look of and what I want on the site this is the time to get out the old fashioned pens, pencils and cups of coffee and draw some screen mock ups complete with paragraphs of text. Many people when they jump headlong into these kinds of projects feel like this is a waste of time, I feel that doing this work in the planning phase makes things easier in the building stages. while it is always fun to get straight into things and start writing html I find that getting a really solid plan means you don’t feel tempted to continually modify your visual style or compromise on what features you want to include.

I have a free weekend and what I intend to do is have a visual style cemented, a plan of all of the pages and their hierarchy and a plan for content and its display. then i will have some pictures for you instead of these blocks of text. Wish me luck!


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