Website Time!

So I am currently job hunting, a daunting task for me. After re-writing my resume I stare at the overly bland page before me and i think “I am way more expressive than this!”. A resume seems a really bad expression of who I am and what I do, I highly doubt anyone who takes a casual glance at it will have any idea of what i can do for them.

While i was writing a very boring table about my current skill set I thought about how i could make it look better. Many of the websites you read about writing a resume essentially outline that you should make a colourless picture less two page document designed to send anyone to sleep. There is also a lot of hassle with making sure your document is correctly formatted and able to be read at the other end (PDFs makes this a whole order easier). So even when finished writing my new improved and updated resume it looked boring and even though it might be considered professional I empathize for the person who hopefully will read it at the other end.

So I have been playing with Bootstrap 3 after using it in a University project and have been amazed at how good you can make things look using this fantastic framework. It really speeds up development gives you something that while it can look a little samey at times is really helpful at building fast projects. It feels like a much more expressive way of showing what i can do at a technical level, can be a little more relaxed and have colour fun and all that other good stuff.

Why not let this site be part of my resume? well I think in some ways it will be however I would like this to be even more personal and more of a journal of my creative endeavours. Also blogging is time dependent and may not make it easily accessible to find out what my technical qualifications may or may not be. Finally there is privacy concerns, I feel it is easiest to keep all personal information only applicable to the service that is necessary. I might be a little over cautious but I really don’t want random strangers calling my mobile in the middle of the night because they found my number somewhere. This may not stop that but it may make it a little harder.

So step 1 let’s start drawing what I want and how I want it. More tomorrow!


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